155 m² A House Design With An Additional Loft, 2-Slope Roof And 5 Bedrooms | Small House Design 2018

155 m² A House Design With An Additional Loft, 2-Slope Roof And 5 Bedrooms | Small House Design 2018

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(155 m²) A House Design With An Additional Loft, 2-Slope Roof And 5 Bedrooms, Small House Design 2018

A design of a traditional one-story house with a gable roof, a warm elevation and a hot interior. Large glazing is the domain of the back of the house. The elevation is finished with brick or clinker and gray plaster. The whole was varied with pergolas, placing them both from the front and garden.

The entrance was roofed in a similar way from the front and from the terrace side. The solid fuel room is accessible from the outside, although it is possible to add a door in the interior, thanks to which a passage connecting the boiler room with the rest of the house will be created.

The usable area of ​​the ground floor is approx. 90 m2, the usable area of ​​the attic is 67 m2. Usable attic, for example, when the family grows and you need to have additional rooms.

The interior of the house is divided into a living and night part.

On the right side there is a living room connected to a bright dining room. The windows were purposefully used for the floor itself. It is nice to spend time in a well-lit apartment. The fireplace was placed on the corner so that the sparking fire in the hearth could be seen from different sides in the room. It adds a family atmosphere to the peculiar taste of warmth.

The kitchen was opened to the living room to enlarge the space and unite the household members. A handy pantry will be appreciated by every lady of the house. The master of the house will not be against it either. After all, homemade wine should be kept “within reach” of the guests visiting us.

The bathroom with space for a washing machine is centrally located.

The left part of the house is the night zone. 2 bedrooms, one of which has: exit to the terrace, private bathroom and wardrobe, the other can be used as a study.

In the wardrobe, the variant has stairs to the attic. The attic can be finished in the course of the construction process or at a later stage, while we are currently living in the building.

In Z316p, roof windows and gable windows were added in one of the side elevations to illuminate the rooms on the second floor.

In the attic there are 3 additional bedrooms designed, one of which has a dressing room and a large bathroom with separate laundry.

Z316p meets the expectations of family people who want to build an affordable house, where people who are dear to our hearts will find their place.

Usable area / net 155.0 / 184.0 m²
The building area is 131.4 m²
Cubage 469 m³
The usable area calculated in accordance with the minister’s regulation of April 25, 2012

The height of the house is 7.44 m
Roof inclination angle 30 °
The roof area is 178,06 m²
Height of the knee wall 1.21 m
Number of rooms 6
The type of house is brick
Solid fuel, recuperation in the project
Primary energy (Ep) 89.6 kWh / m² / year
Final energy (Ek) 64.9 kWh / m² / year
In the design, the heating method is adapted to the room’s capabilities. If it is not possible to use a heater / s, then we use underfloor heating.
Estimated calculation of PLN 299,754
The price of the brick version is PLN 2,970
WALL cellular concrete, ceramics, silicates
STROP concrete, ribbed
Roof tile, roof tile

Ground floor 88.9 / 94.5 m²
A shade of 4.5 m²
Cabinet 9.8 m²
Clipboard 2.7 m²
Bathroom 3.3 m²
Dressing room 4.5 m²
Room 11.8 m²
Bathroom 4.7 m²
The lobby is 7.1 m²
Utility room 5.6 m²
The 3.0 m² pantry
Kitchen 7.5 m²
Living room + dining room 30.0 m²

ATTIC 66.1 / 89.5 m²
The lobby is 12,1 m²
Laundry 3.7 m²
Bathroom 7.2 m²
Room 11.0 m²
Room 13.8 m²
Room + wardrobe 18.3 m²

WIDTH 20.56 m
LENGTH 18.46 m

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